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Smile for Help

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Across the poor nations of Africa, some 48 million children aged under 14 work for a living. Kids aged 5 to17 work all day long crushing stones at the rock quarry, so they “can pay for school and help their parents”. The skilful ones manage to bring home as much as three dollars, while most of the little ones bring less than one. But life is even harder for kids without family, and no matter how hard they try, they will not manage without our help.
Life is not fair, and it has been unfair for those little fighters, as long as one can remember, but the current COVID situation is taking away from them their last asset – their faith! 
Fighting poverty, diseases, lack of water and food, lack of a family or home, these kids still manage to smile at life, but this smile is their “smile for help”. Either, we do something quickly to help them out, or we have all failed as a society, and as individuals.

“I can’t remember how many times, I came across those photos on social media… photos of young orphaned kids.., starving kids… Kids with no family, no home, no future… But what could I do to help? Nothing. My 50 cents would not change anything – a good excuse to continue scrolling, till I found something more pleasant to read, something easier to deal with.

I was wrong! Not only my 50 cents could feed a kid, but my act could be the first step of a journey, that would change the faith of many!

I recently met a very special Person, who’s story touched me deeply, and made me look at life in a whole new way. This Person’s name is Daniel Delibashev, the founder of ‘Smile for Africa’ foundation. ” 

           – Mike P.   (CBD Online)

Meet “Uncle Dan”

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Daniel Delibashev, also known in Africa as “Uncle Dan”, was born in a small town in Bulgaria, in the 1980’s.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Bank Management, he quickly develops a very successful career in the financial industry.  But despite his academic achievements and his highly paid professional position, Daniel quickly realizes that he hasn’t discovered his true purpose in life. In search for his purpose, he looks back at his dreams as a kid, and quickly realizes that for him to be successful, he needs to “give back” to society, and more precisely to those in need.

In 2017, Dan leaves his professional career behind and embarks on a journey, which takes him all the way to Ghana, where he joins as a volunteer in a kids orphanage.  This first visit to Africa quickly changes his vision for life, and helps him discover his destiny.

“When I first decided to go to Africa and join the volunteer program, I had one simple goal in my mind – I wanted to see if I could help just one of these kids and put a smile on his face. Now, four years later, I am a teacher, a mentor and an “uncle” for many of these orphaned children.  My work starts at 5:30 in the morning and sometimes continues past midnight, but I rarely feel exhausted or overwhelmed, as I am doing something I love and  I am constantly motivated by the hundreds of smiles around me. “

Shortly after his first visit to Africa, with the intention to help as many children as possible, Daniel expands his humanitarian help and starts the “Smile for Africa” foundation.

Smile for Africa

The charity foundation was created to help children in the greatest need, targeting African countries. Where children are at greatest risk and deprivation – the significance, gratitude and joy of helping hand are the most sincere.

Since 2017 until today, Daniel Delibashev and his foundations have developed various projects, which improved and continue to improve the living conditions for hundreds of kids and adults across Africa.  

From providing clean water and better sleeping conditions, to building a kindergarten, a primary school, and dorms for orphaned children, these projects are already saving the lives and hope of many children.

Daniel’s achievements inspired other volunteers to follow in his footsteps. Today, “Smile for Africa” foundation has a team of people with bright ideas, who work together to bring the light of hope to those in true need.

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Below are some of the projects that “Smile for Africa” is working on.  Some projects are already realized, but others still need our help to raise the funds.  If you want to support any of these projects individually, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Daniel and discover how you can help. Full project information could be found on the official  “Smile for Africa” website.



Building a kindergarten in Uganda, where 100 kids will have access to good care and very basic education.

€ 14,021 of € 27,239

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Profession is Salvation

Goal: Purchasing 20 sewing machines and provide training for 80 women every year. This project will improve the quality of life for hundreds of families.

€ 1,256 of € 4,000

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COVID-19 Help

Help with food and drugs for orphans in dire straits. Pandemic has made access to basic supplies a real challenge.  Some kids go without any food for 2-3 days.

€ 0 of € 5,000

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Victims of Guinea Explosion

The explosion killed hundreds and left thousands homeless and orphaned with uncertain future, most of whom kids and young adults.

€ 160 of € 2,000

Water for the Kids

Support for 170 students in Uganda to have clean water. Project fully funded.

$ 5,300 of $ 5,000

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Toilet Construction

Improving the hygiene and living conditions in Mpigi, Uganda. Project fully funded and realized.

€ 2,000 of € 2,000

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Project “Good Night”

Raising funds to improve the sleep and health conditions for 70 children. Project fully funded and realized.

€ 2,500 of € 2,500

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Christmas Dinner

This project aims to supply a “special” dinner for 500 kids.  Completed and celebrated!

€ 2,560 of € 2,500

Our Contribution

We, the team behind CBD Online, have set-up both personal and company goals, to make sure that we achieve the best results in this fundraising campaign.  

We have set-up a new product category, which reflects the actual expenses that these children have.  They range from a daily meal plan to monthly school/dorm fees and medical expenses.  It’s amazing how the change we spare could change the life of these children.  Unlike Hong Kong, in Uganda, 50 HKD would feed a child for a whole week.

To avoid any speculation, we want to keep the donation fund fully transparent. At the end of each month, we will transfer the funds and post a report here, on this page. We also, encourage you to get in touch with Danny (his contacts are on this page) and get to know more about the projects his foundation is working on.  The more involved we all are, the more we can help these little kids.


How do I know that my donation will reach these children?

Being skeptical is the main reason people do not make any donations. We understand that and we are doing our best to keep this fund raising campaign fully transparent.  We have set-up the donation fund to show the current value in real time. 

We also encourage each of you to get in touch directly with “Smile for Africa” foundation. It does not matter if you help through our site, or choose to help directly. What matters, is that these kids get as much help as possible.   

How can I make a larger donation?

We believe that the best way to achieve our goals is to get a little help from many people. For that reason, and to avoid any doubts about speculation, we have limit the donations we accept to 300 HKD.

If you want to make a larger donation or simply check how you could be of any help, please, contact “Smile for Africa” foundation directly.  The contact information is listed below.

Do you accept clothes, toys, or other physical donations?

We plan to do so.  Unfortunately, with the current COVID situation, we have been unable to find a cost effective way to ship any packages to Uganda or any other African countries.

We are hoping that global logistics will slowly come back to normal, so we can include this type of donations, as well.  We also encourage any customer, who can help with this issue, to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. 

Contact “Smile for Africa”


“Smile for Africa”