CBDo: Our Joint Venture with Zo-Zen

CBDo By Zo-Zen
CBDo By Zo-Zen

CBDo: Our Joint Venture with Zo-Zen, LLC 

As the end of CBD for Hong Kong is just around the corner, we the team of CBD Online, would like to express our gratitude to all our customers, who supported us through our journey.  We also want to say “Thank You” to our partner Zo-Zen, LLC  for helping us create the amazing brand “CBDo”, which quickly became our top-seller, and one of the most recognized brands in Hong Kong. 

CBD Online – The Beginning

As most of you know, Hong Kong has the strictest regulations in the world, when it comes to CBD products control.  Any CBD product meant to be imported, sold and used in the country, must be ABSOLUTLY pure and with no detectable traces of THC or CBN.  As the rest of the world has no such requirements, finding a manufacture to comply with such regulations was not an easy task, especially when it comes to Broad Spectrum products.

After months of research and talking to almost every American manufacturer, we created a great partnership with two of the world’s most recognized CBD brands – CBDistillery and cbdMD. Not only their products matched our requirements, but their manufacturing team helped us learn and understand what it takes to produce a high purity product. From the raw material selection to the complex extraction method, this proved to be a very challenging process.  After eighteen months in the business, CBD Online finally built the confidence and knowledge to produce a private label CBD brand, which would comply not only with Hong Kong regulations, but also with our customer demands.

The Birth of CBDo

Our goal was to produce a product, which is pure, potent, and affordable. To create a high-quality product, we had to start with high quality ingredients. As the best hemp is grown in Colorado, we soon partnered with the American company Zo-Zen, which specialized in the well-being products and practices. Although, a relatively young company, the team of Zo-Zen possessed both the knowledge and the energy to back us up during the long process of registering, manufacturing, and distributing our new brand – CBDo!

CBDo: History and Facts

In April 2021, the first CBDo product was already a fact. It was the “CBDo 3600” – an organic broad spectrum CBD Oil Formula.  To achieve the absolute THC and CBN trace removal, the product had to go through an extra purification process. The first process removed the THC, as the second process removed the CBN.  But we did not stop there… During our second batch of production, we took extra steps and enriched the product with CBG, which brings extra benefits, especially when used to help relief pain and inflammation.  The product was a great success, for which we thank both our partner Zo-Zen and all our customers. Using the same methods, we soon produced “CBDo 2400”, “CBDo 1200”, and “CBD+CBG”.

CBDo: CBD for Pets

For our next product we looked at the Hong Kong market demands. During the last months, HK government performed hundreds of lab tests on various products offered in the city. Although, the findings were not clearly announced, we noticed that Pet’s CBD products were quickly removed from the shelves. After further analyses, we realized that many manufacturers, use less pure materials when it came to CBD products. We took this opportunity and adjusted our formula to produce another pure of THC and CBN product. We are happy to introduce our “CBD for Pets” to all pet’s owners. The product is blended with extra ingredients, which help the absorption rate in mammals, while still being safe for all other animals. When it comes to using CBD for pets, the most important factor is getting the right dosage. For that reason, we designed our product for ‘1 drop = 1mg of CBD’. Simply ask your vet about the needed dosage, or read the recommended one on the label of the product…, count the drops, and you’re done!

The Future of CBDo

We are currently working on expending our product line to include all popular forms of CBD. We are very sad that unfortunately, we will not be able to bring those products to our Hong Kong customers, due to the recent regulations.

We just finished the production of our newest and most potent product “CBDo 5000”. It features all the benefits of our current products, but additionally enriched with mint extract and vitamins for even better absorption. The high concentration of Broad Spectrum CBD extract, makes it the most cost efficient product, designed to meet the needs of the everyday user. A single drop of the “CBDo 500” formula delivers about 8mg of CBD, which will make the product easily last a few months of daily use. The product is expected to be available next month (July) in our shops in USA and Bulgaria. It will also be available in France by the end of the year (license pending approval). 


Being part of the Hong Kong market, has been a very dynamic and emotional journey.  Due to the unfortunate government decisions and regulations, it is now coming to an end.  During the last two years, it has been a pleasure for our team to offer our products and services to all our supporting customers and business partners.  We still have a bit of time left to work together before the legislation in Hong Kong takes effect, and our team will enjoy serving you till the very last moment!

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