Can I Use CBD For Pain?

cbd backpain explained
cbd backpain explained

Can I Use CBD For Pain?

Many people throughout the world are now using CBD, also known as cannabidiol, to relieve their pain. However, some people have been hesitant to try it due to the stigma that is so often associated with it. Understanding CBD can help to overcome the stigma associated.

Once you gain an understanding of the benefits, you can use it to completely overrule the pain in your life. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. Many people have used this oil in order to relieve themselves of pain, depression, anxiety, and even sleep disorders.

In this article, we will take a look at how CBD oil works and how people can use it in order to relieve chronic pain.

The Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief

When looking at the current research we have available in relation to CBD for pain, below are some of the best benefits of CBD oil.

Neuropathic Pain

This sort of pain that is directly caused by damage to the nerves in your body. This type of pain is actually extremely common in people who have diseases such as multiple sclerosis, infections such as shingles, or injuries such as herniated disks.

In fact, in a review from 2017, CBD was found to work extremely well for people dealing with chronic neuropathy pain. The researchers looked at 11 random controlled trials made up of 1,219 patients. It is important to note that more information is needed in order to understand the role of CBD when it comes to neuropathic pain management. This includes knowing the benefits, risks, and what the ideal dosages are.

Arthritis Pain

A study conducted back in 2016 used an animal model in order to see if CBD could help people dealing with arthritis manage their pain. Researchers identified this information by applying a topical gel that contained CBD to rats who were experiencing arthritis for 4 days

During these 4 days, the researchers noticed a massive drop in both inflammation and signs of pain without seeing any additional side effects. People who are using CBD for pain from arthritis may find great relief from their pain.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, also known as MS, is an awful autoimmune condition that affects the entire body through the nerves and brain. One of the most common symptoms of MS is the muscle spasms. Most of the time, the spasms can become so insanely strong that they cause debilitating pain in some people.

A report found that even only a short time of using CBD oil could reduce the levels of muscle spasms that a person is able to feel. Many people are reporting a massive reduction in their symptoms after using CBD oil for pain. Studies are now being furthered in order to verify these results in humans

Chronic Pain

Many reports suggest that CBD can, and should be used for chronic pain. Researchers have successfully compiled many results that cover dozens of studies and trials. All of the research concludes that there is substantial evidence that CBD is an amazing and effective treatment for chronic pain in adults.

Another study in the Journal of Experimental Medicine further supported these results. The research suggests that using CBD can reduce both inflammation and pain. It is also said that researchers were able to find specific evidence that suggests that subjects were very unlikely to build up a tolerance to the effects that CBD does.

This means that they would not be required to increase their dose as time goes by. They also noted that CBD could offer new and exciting treatments for people dealing with chronic pain.

The Bottom Line of CBD for Pain

There are many studies being conducted around the world right now that suggest that CBD oil is greatly helpful for pain. As time goes by, more and more research will be conducted into specific dosages and more long-term usage. However, CBD is showing great promise as a treatment for chronic pain.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that it can help people manage their chronic pain in various contexts. CBD is considered quite promising due to its lack of intoxicating effects and a lower chance of effects than other medications. If you are interested in using CBD for pain, get in touch with our friendly team today or head to our website.



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